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Handcrafted Betty Collection Magic Baby Doll (3165) by LAMAGIK

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    Betty - a beautiful, life-like doll from the famous Spanish brand LAMAGIK

    Betty is a sophisticated proposition, created especially for girls who dream of a charming doll, with beautiful hair and surprisingly realistic features. 

    Are you curious what makes the Betty doll look like a real little girl? It is thanks to the refined details that this model captivates both children and collectors alike:

    • Smooth and pleasant to the touch, vinyl material is extremely similar to the delicate skin of a baby;
    • A slightly smiling face evokes positive emotions;
    • Painted eyebrows, realistic eyelashes, blushes and dimples, fingerprints and manicure add authenticity; &
    • Soft, longstraight or curly hair is perfect for combing and styling.

    Material: Vinyl
    Body: Hard
    Aroma: Vanilla
    Articulated doll: Head, arms and legs

    Recommended age group: 3 years or older
    Size: 30 cm / 12 in

    Weight: 0.4 kg / 0.88 lb

    Handcrafted Betty Collection Magic Baby Doll (3165) by LAMAGIK