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Andrea Baby Doll Unicorn Pink and Pearl

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    Introducing the adorable Andrea Baby collection by Berjuan, now available in Dolls & Accessories. These delightful dolls perfectly capture the charm and innocence of three-month-old infants, bringing joy and authenticity to any playtime experience.


    • Realistic Appearance: Each Andrea Baby doll is designed to resemble a cheerful three-month-old infant, with detailed skin textures and a rosy complexion that enhance their lifelike appeal.
    • Joined Vinyl Body: Crafted with a 38 cm joined vinyl body, these dolls are durable and flexible, allowing for various poses and interactive play.
    • Chubby Body: The chubby body design adds to their realism, making them perfect cuddle companions.
    • Extra Long Eyelashes: With extra long eyelashes, these dolls have an endearing and captivating look that children will love.

    Why Choose Andrea Baby Dolls by Berjuan?

    • Authentic and Cheerful: These dolls capture the joyful expressions and authentic look of real infants, making them perfect for nurturing play.
    • High-Quality Craftsmanship: Made with high-quality materials and attention to detail, Andrea Baby dolls are built to last and withstand endless hours of play.
    • Made in Spain: Proudly made in Spain, these dolls reflect the excellence of Spanish craftsmanship, ensuring each doll is a work of art.

    Bring home the magic of the Andrea Baby collection by Berjuan, where each doll is a bundle of joy waiting to be loved and cherished. Perfect for children and collectors alike, these dolls are sure to become treasured companions.

    Recommended age group: 3 years or older
    Size: 38 cm / 15 in

    Weight: 1.25 kg / 2.76 lb

    Andrea Baby Doll Unicorn Pink and Pearl